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Mission and Vision

Our mission

Turkish Medical Radiology, Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine To improve the quality of education in order to have technicians and technicians at work in national and international fields, to promote scientific and public health studies in ethical principles and to protect and improve the legal rights of their profession.

Our vision

Taking into consideration the personal rights of our colleagues, we aim to carry out studies in order to enable our people to receive better quality, scientific and world-wide medical imaging and diagnosis and treatment services.

Policy; To carry out studies for Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Society to provide medical, diagnostic and treatment services on a higher quality, scientific and world scale,

Efforts are made to ensure efficient service delivery to our people by taking into consideration international standards.

Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine which our country needs, makes necessary studies in order to reach technician and technician number and offers suggestions for solution of problems in the field,

Raising the level of education by raising the license level aims to make our trainings educate and educate our instructors.

Prepares projects to support the scientific and professional development of our colleagues, and organizes mass and regional trainings.

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