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Siemens Mr workshop was held.

The 23rd international participation of the Turkish Magnetic Resonance Association. We participated in the annual scientific meeting with the 32 radiology technician. The registration fees of 16 of the 32 technicians have been organized in cooperation with the Association of Congress Hotels.

In the three-day organization, which was held in cooperation with Siemens and Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association, current developments were shared in this program given to our colleagues by Siemens.

1 day
MR Devices and Components – İsmail Kara
Introduction to MR Physics – Cem Geldi
Sequences in MRI – Yavuz Dinç
Innovations in MR – Ali Avci

2 days
SWI, perfusion, Spectroscopy – Muammer Acar
DTI and FMRI – Tugrul Inaltun
Muscle, Skeleton Imaging – Yavuz Dinç
Cardiac Imaging – Muammer Acar

3 days
MRI Oil, Iron Measurement and Mapping – Tugrul Inaltun
MR Elestography, Full Body Imaging – Tuğrul İnaltun
Multiparametric Prostate Imaging – Muammer Acar
Scientific Cooperation Management – Vural Diler

We would like to thank our colleagues and Siemens.

Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association Board of Directors

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