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Our Röntgen Book is Out!

Our most ambitious book prepared for use in undergraduate and associate degree trainings supported by Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association “X-ray imaging techniques: all methods-Basic principles-Advanced applications (X-ray principle, X-ray, angiography, Mammography, Dexa, EOS)” ready to press.

Many of our esteemed teachers and colleagues who contributed to this book, including Murat Dündar, Ali Salar, Baris Cavlı, Ceren Ekmekci, Fatih Beşevli, Prof. Dr. Orhan Oyar, Doç. Dr. Turkan Uz Ikizceli, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil Bayazid and drawings and the design of the cover image thank you to Mehmet Dal.

Our books are sold by Congress bookstore and you can contact fatih@kongrekitabevi.com for pre-order.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Board of Directors of Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association

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