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Radiological Anatomy book was released for Radiology Technicians

As the Turkish Medical Society of Radiotechnology, we have expressed our importance to scientific studies on every platform. In this sense, by turning my congresses back from two years to every year, we have shown that we have been paying attention to scientific studies by agreeing with magazines which bring serious points within the criteria of doctorate and associate professor under the name of TMRT-Der special issue, which is on the side list.

“Magnetic resonance imaging techniques and basic principles ” (http://www.kongrekitabevi.com/kongre-kitabevi/manyetik-rezonans-goruntuleme-teknikleri-ve-temel-prensipleri) we were proud to be the best-selling radiology book last year.

We are proud to continue to work at a very intense pace in this sense and publish a special anatomy book called “Fundamentals of Radiology“.

Tuba Selcuk Can, Murat Dündar, Yıldıray Savaş and Sercan Çetinkaya, General Secretary of Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association, made the drawings of our new book by Medicalpixel Medical Illustration Studio – Mehmet Dal. The Second Book of the series will be published by the Congress bookstore very soon.

We would like to thank all those who contributed with Barış Cavli, Hüseyin Ozan Tekin, who supported the writing process of the book.

President Of Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association Barış Cavli





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