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15 August  2016
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27 February 2017
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10 March 2017
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25 March 2017
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25 April 2017




Invitation Letter
Distinguished Participants;

Scientific studies conducted in the fields where medical radiation is used have gained momentum along with the impetus of the modern technologies. One of the very important platforms in which a scientific study takes on a meaning and is shared is Scientific Congresses and Conferences. We, as TMRT-DER (the Turkish Association of Medical Radiotechnology), have adopted a radical scientific transformation for the format of our long-running and traditional congress. This transformation that we are experiencing aims at gathering technicians, scientists, researchers, and academicians on the same occasion to internationalize our Congress, building a brand congress that will be held for many years to come, promoting multi disciplinary efforts in work places that include medical radiation and presenting and publishing such efforts on a scientific platform

In line with these targets, each and every study to be submitted to TMRT-DER congress in a summary text format will be reviewed by the Scientific Board and presented as a poster or oral presentation.  Full texts to be written by the authors of the qualifying studies will be published in journals that are found pertinent by the scientific board in the form of papers.  These high-quality papers published as TMRT-DER congress outputs will certainly be read, discussed and cited by researchers all over the world and thus, we will be able to pave the way for international participation by taking firm and long-standing strides in line with our aim to become a widely-recognized congress. The importance of multi disciplinary studies in the use of medical radiation for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes has increased while various disciplines have found many common grounds and employment areas have experienced a significant shift. We, TMRT-DER that faces the international arena, are honored to invite you, distinguished participants, to our Congress to present an opulent scientific potential in our field in an international arena in the light of global developments.  

Hope to see you in Antalya...

Asst. Prof.  Hüseyin Ozan TEKİN
The Chairman of the Editorial Board on behalf of TMRT-DER